Seating Percival-Molson Stadium

Percival-Molson Stadium
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475 Avenue des Pins West
Montreal, QC
H2W 1S4

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Percival-Molson Stadium

Percival-Molson Stadium

The McGill Stadium (formerly known as The Molson Stadium or Percival-Molson Memorial Stadium) is the home of current Grey Cup champions The Montreal Alouettes since 1998. The Alouettes play the games there for the regular season, playoffs games being played at the Olympic Stadium.

The McGill Stadium can now accomodate up to 25 000 ticket holders since the renovations, which were made just in time for the 2010 season. The Stadium allows spectactors seated on the South side to witness a breathtaking view on the Mont Royal, while those on the North side can appreciate a stunning panorama of downtown Montreal.

Inaugurated in 1919, the McGill Stadium belongs to the McGill University and hosts the McGill Redmen home games as well.

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