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Concert Review: Lady Gaga concert in Montreal – Fearless and ambitious

Saturday, November 28 2009 2:03AM
November 28th, 2009 – Bell Centre (Montreal)

For the 12,000 privileged fans that got to assist to Lady Gaga’s opening tour concert in Montreal at the Bell Centre, this rain day of November, a spectacular concert production was delivered by the incomparable artist and will forever be engraved in their memory.
Of course, there are always ups and downs to assisting a tour opening concert. In the case of Lady Gaga, young diva extraordinaire, who was kicking-off her first-ever major arena tour in Montreal with her Monster Ball Tour, let just says there were more ups than downs!

Fashionably Late Entrance
First, the Lady made her public wait. More than an hour after the first act, Lady Gaga still wasn’t on stage. A few boos from the crowd who was getting impatient were heard, but got saved by the ever-endearing wave from the stands.
Nevertheless, from the moment Lady Gaga stepped foot on the stage, all was forgotten by her anxious fans. The concert kicked-off to Dancer in the Dark, with the Lady sporting platinum blond hair à la Gwen Stefani and a Wonder Woman outfit, swimming in a sea of futuristic laser show dicing the stage in chessboard style.
After what, the singer kept the beat flowing, giving no time for her fans to cool off, by following up with her megahit Just Dance, with a blazing setting having her play a piano-guitar inside a glass box.
To top it all off, the stage was complimented by giant screens projecting psychedelic images, setting the standards high!
Apart from the mind-blowing costumes following one after another, including a light-incrusted hat, a machinegun brassier and matching hat, as the show progressed, the less we saw the extravaganza.
The enigmatic diva showed us a more human side of her, talking to the crowd in short monologues ("You are who you want to be, my monsters!") and proclaiming high and loud her love for Canada, and also dedicating her song Speechless to her father apparently in attendance.
As for the rest, almost every song played hit the right note with the public, except maybe for Beautiful Dirty Rich and Alejandro which kind of left the public indifferent.
And for the grand finale, the Lady interpreted as a piano cabaret version of her hit Poker Face with the help of Kid Cudi, followed by Paparazzi and her latest single, Bad Romance which she keptfor the encore to end everything perfectly.

A Few Notes
The show did have its slow moments and the rhythm and sequencing could make room for improvement. Also, although it is very well hidden behind multiple iconoclast multimedia arrangements, the costume changes were extremely long.
Also, the use of some pre-recorded tapes with Gaga’s voice dubbed over were somewhat annoying from time to time, but forgivable considering many of those other divas literally lip-synch there way out of entire concerts.
The bottom line is, however ambitious and fearless this production was, it succeeded in delivering a great show, keeping in mind this was the tour’s inaugural concert.