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Malajube, Patrick Watson nominated for the Polaris prize

Tuesday July 7 2009 19h54

The ten albums nominated for the Polaris prize 2009 is now the two came

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Alex Kovalev leaves the Montreal Canadiens and joins ... the Senators!

Monday July 6 2009 16h31


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The Montreal Canadiens hired Perry Pearn and Pierre Groulx

Monday July 6 2009 12h09

The new head coach of the Montreal Canadiens Jacques Martin has completed

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Alex Kovalev to the Montreal Canadiens: the fans speak, but in vain.

Monday July 6 2009 11h46

Over five days after opening the market for independent players, the star

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Patrick Watson larger than life in FIJM

Monday July 6 2009 10h16

The Montreal Jazz Festival Patrick Watson gave the go card for a great free show, which took place yesterday on the new Place des Festivals. With the means to match its ambitions, the group has...

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Montreal Canadiens: Plekanec arbitration

Monday July 6 2009 09h58

The center player of the Montreal Canadiens Tomas Plekanec has decided to

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Wimbledon: Roger Federer wins the final and go down in history

Sunday July 5 2009 15h37

As expected by most experts in the field, Roger Federer won the final of the

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The Lost Fingers: a uplifting concert but without surprise

Sunday July 5 2009 14h59


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Wimbledon: Serena Williams wins her 3rd title

Saturday July 4 2009 11h45

Serena Williams has emerged in the final of Wimbledon, winning a duel opposing her sister Venus. She won a third title at Wimbledon, following her victories in 2002 and 2003 (also against Venus).

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Wimbledon: Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick in the final

Friday July 3 2009 13h57

The American Andy Roddick has earned a place in the finals of Wimbledon tournament after a breathtaking duel facing Britain's Andy Murray.

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